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Amazon.com: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Posted By lifer_refil on Jun 13, 2007 at 2:50PM

DVD: Heather Matarazzo,Victoria Davis,Christina Brucato,Christina Vidal,Siri Howard,Brendan Sexton III,Telly Pontidis,Herbie Duarte,Scott Coogan,Daria Kalinina,Matthew Faber,Josiah Trager,Ken Leung,Dimitri DeFresco,Rica Martens,Angela Pietropinto,Bill Buell,Eric Mabius,Stacey Moseley,Will Lyman,Todd Solondz

CD Review: Feist, The Reminder

Posted By Entertainment on May 8, 2007 at 10:16AM

When I first picked up Canadian singer-songwriter Feist's breakthrough album, 2004's Let it Die, I thought it was perfectly pleasant background music. Her '70s-infused, lounge-y songs seemed perfect for a dinner party, or for playing faintly while I flipped through a magazine. Only the catchy "Mushaboom" really made me sit up and take notice, wedging itself in my head for days on end.

With her new album, The Reminder, Feist has delivered a set of songs that owe more to "Mushaboom" than to the rest of Let It Die — and that's a wonderful thing. Feist shines on the uptempo songs on The Reminder, doesn't lose my interest on the ballads, and stocks her tracks with the kind of arrangements that show she's grown as a musician since her last effort. For more on the album, and to hear my favorite track, read more